Friday, January 07, 2005

My view of the world

Before I review a movie, book, or anything else, I thought it important to give you an idea about how I think about these things.

Books -- I read books in spurts. Often I find an author I like and read everything by that author. Other times I find a topic of interest and stick to good books within that topic. And then, other times my reading list is a jumble of books that interest me for some reason or another, but do not follow any rhyme or reason.

What do I like? It's hard to say. I love Douglas Adams, but had an enormously hard time with Terry Pratchett. I loved Christopher Buckley's first few novels, but didn't read the last one and his latest does not look any better.

Over the last year or so, I have been on a nonfiction kick. And I think I am going to remain there for quite some time although I have vowed to read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.

Movies -- I go into every movie that I watch wanting to like it. I have to really hate a movie to dislike it. I am not some snob critic who will pick apart a movie and point out its weaknesses and faults. I watch movies to be entertained and am willing to overlook a films imperfections if I am entertained. Of course, my view of a movie does change if I see in the movies at full price, as a matinee, or as a rental at home.

Music -- Finding "new" music that I like is my most difficult challenge. I always find books to read and movies to enjoy, but new "good" music I find very elusive. Unlike my attitude towards movies, I am much harsher on music. This attitude is probably based on the different role music plays in my life than books and movies. I read a book, I think about it, maybe I build upon that knowledge with another book on the topic, or not, but at the end of the book I move on. Movies too, I enjoy a good movie, and maybe even see it more than once, but once its over, its over. Music is always around. Its on in my office, in my car, on my ipod, etc.... But getting music "right" for my ear is hard.

Unfortunately, that is not really much of an explanation of my view of the world. I guess as I "review" items and think about the role they play, that will help both you and I to better define what my view of these things truly is.


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