Saturday, March 12, 2005

Mix Tapes / Playlists

Recently, I took part in a CD Exchange. Essentally, each participant creates a mix of music, designs the artwork for the cd, and then sends a copy of their cd to every other member. The end product is often a mixed bag, from the very professional to the song list scribbled on a piece of paper. It can be a great way to hear a lot of music I had not heard before. For some examples, check out the Art of the Mix.

In the process of participating, the most rewarding part for me was not in the receiving of new music, but in creating mine. Its part nostalgic, remembering a time in my past when I would sit at my stereo with my dual cassette deck taping off the radio or from tape to tape. But also, I get to create something. From deciding which songs to include, to how to design the cd booklet, I am moved outside my comfort zone of things I do well and into a place where I do not spend that much time.

After making a few of my own, looking over the CD's I have gotten, and checking out many of the mixes on the Art of the mix, what I am left wondering is this: How do you create your playlists?


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