Saturday, June 04, 2005

Random Ramblings

I have been in the middle of a whirlwind tour. Philadelphia for Memorial Day weekend. Got home Monday night, flew to Chicago Tueday. Landed late last night, back to Phila for a Phillies game today and on a train to DC tommorrow. I will get home Tuesday night and then go to Atlantic City for the following week.

Where to begin?


I like Amazon for its recommendation wizard, and for some reason I have an affinity for Barnes and Noble. But, I always, always, always, try to find an independent book store in my travels. I didn't have time in Chicago. But, in Philadelphia I found two, Joseph Fox Books, 1724 Sansom Street and Big Jar Books, 55 N. 2nd Street. Joseph Fox Books was a delight. It is not very big, but the staff was very helpful, recommending some stuff that I would never have found through Amazon. Big Jar Books is more a used book store, but I found TWO books I had been looking for, so again, a winner.

Another habit I have when flying is to buy magazines I wouldn't ordinarily read. I used to look forward to going to the airport store and picking new stuff out. Well, in Phila and O'Hare (Chicago) the newstands are all run by Hudson News. So the selection in both airports was almost identical and not nearly as extensive as I seem to remember. I was very disappointed.

Before I left, I finished my 10th book, The Perfect Mile by Neil Bascomb. As someone who imagines himself a runner, it was a fun read about the quest for the 4 minute mile.


So far I have seen two movies on the trip; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and Star Wars, Episode III.

Enron was a scary, albeit a little long, look at the rise and fall of the company. You should see this film.

Star Wars is Star Wars. I saw it in digital format in Chicago. I liked how the story wrapped up, tieing all the loose ends together for the Star Wars many of us love. But otherwise, if I had missed it, I would not have missed much. The digital projection was great, espcially since the movie was shot digitally. But there are limited theatres that have it.

I picked up the new Audioslave (metacritic) I really like those guys.

I was very disappointed by the Virgin Megastore on Michigan Avenue. I was looking to pick up 22-20's album. It is relatively new (April) and a little obscure, but still this is a Virgin Megastore. Another reason to download with Itunes or some other service. No stocking issues.

That's it.

I'm off again.

When I get back I should have completed at least one and maybe even two more books......


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