Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Reading List Gone Awry

Back in January I posted my inital reading list for the year.

If measured against that list, I have failed miserably. I have read 2 of the 9 initially listed.

But, I am getting back onto reading pace, completing two books since Memorial Day.

The latest two are:

#11 Embers by Sandor Marai
#12 To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer

Embers was one of the recommendations I got from the nice people of Joseph Fox Books in Philadelphia. Its a book I would probably never even look at in a bookstore. Originally written in Hungarian in 1942, the story revolves around the relationship of two friends that have not seen each other in almost 40 years after some event drove them apart. That last sentence is such an oversimplification as to be laughable. I am at a complete loss as to how to describe it. To some, it could prove to be a slow lumbering read. But something about the beauty of the words and the story compelled me to keep reading. Let me put it like this, if I had to rank my top 20 books of all-time, Embers makes the cut.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go is the first in the Riverworld Series. I actually caught the horrible telemovie on Sci-Fi earliers this year and thought the story could be an interesting read. It was. Sheer sci-fi pulp. Imagine if everyone who had ever lived on Earth was resurrected and given a second chance. That's it. The story follows Richard Burton as he tries to uncover why they were all resurrected.

It made for a good read. But, I am not going to keep reading the series. First the reviews for the rest of the series progress downwards. Second, much like the Matrix, the premise for the story is interesting enough, but there's no good way to tell the ending.


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