Friday, July 08, 2005

Book 14: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

Its been a while.

I hit a little slump. I started on Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels. It was the other recommendation from Joseph Fox Books. Anne Michaels is a poet who was making the transition to novels. Unlike Nicholas Christoper who succesfully made the transition (in particular read Veronica -- one of my favorite books), I found Fugitive Pieces very difficult to follow. After a few pages I just put it down. I may return to it when I am in a different frame of mind, but for now it is on the shelf.

Often, when I put a book down, I find it difficult to get right into my next book. Its as if my habit of reading is broken and I need to restart it again.

I read Thad Carhart's The Piano Shop on the Left Bank. Carhart is an American expat living in Paris. While walking his children to school he discovers a piano repair shop in his quarter. The book explores the world that opens to him as he becomes a part of the community through the repair shop.

I enjoyed it.


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