Sunday, August 14, 2005


I spent the last week on a beach. I was able to get out of my regular routines and move away from the daily stresses of life. I find the beach is one of the few places that truly helps me to refocus on what should be important to me.

One of the goals I always leave the beach with is to write more and better. It is something I have always wanted to do, but I never seem to pursue writing with the vigor that it requires. Part of that is because writing is hard. And I just do not believe I have enough free time for hard things. I do enough of those at work. So, as my regular life consumes my beach life, my noble goal of writing more falls away.

One of the original reasons I approached Smelmoo with the idea for this blog was to help get me into the habit of writing. I figured if I had an outlet that would require me to write regularly, I could force writing into my regular life. I had to make it a priority.

Yet, somehow that goal seems to have been lost. For me, this site evolved into a place where I record what I read and maybe a little commentary about the book being "reviewed." But, once again, I have not approached the writing with the dedication that it demands. I allowed myself to settle for something less. Part of my problem is the medium allows me to be become lax. Just like this piece, I will quickly jot something down, maybe give it a once-over, check my spelling and post it.

Having accomplished my original goal of writing more, I now need to work on the writing better. While this piece will not reflect that goal, my commentaries on the books I read while on vacation will. So, it may take me a little longer than normal to get them posted. Just bear with me.

Quickly, for those that just can't wait, I did finish three books this past week. I think they are three I wrote about before, but here they are again:
1. The Gatekeepers, Jacques Steinberg -- An insider look at the Wesleyan admissions process.
2. How Soccer Explains the World, Franklin Foer -- I am not sure that soccer explains anything.
3. Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, Chuck Klosterman -- How pop culture explains the world.


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