Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Book a Week...4 down... Different Countdown

SZG has decided to embark on a goal of about a book a week. I would like to embark on the same goal... This blog will give me a way of maintaining a list of how well I do.

I enjoy reading and for the most part, I enjoy reading inane or mundane garbage that keeps my brain light and thought free. This year has been a good example of that.

Let's get caught up on the first 19 days of 2005.

I began the year by reading "The Stupidest Angel" by Christopher Moore. This was the second time that I read it in the past month. It is a funny Christmas story that only Christopher Moore could tell. It involves Warriors Babes, Vampire Bats, Talking Corpses, Zombies and a Pot Smoking Native American Sheriff. If that doesn't draw you in... nothing will. Moore is a phenomenal satirist and this book is no exception. I actually found myself laughing out loud.

I followed up the Moore book with "Cold Case" by Stephen White. Stephen White writes a series of mystery books featuring a psychiatrist, his District Attorney wife, and their good slovenly benevolent police detective friend. The books take place in Boulder, Colorado. Stephen White is an example of how I find a new author - normally a mystery writer - and read his or her books all in chronological order. eBay makes it easier for me to do as I can buy a "lot" of books and re-sell them when I am done. If you are familiar with Jonathan Kellerman or his wife, then you know the type of books that White writes. White writes in a much smarter way then the other best selling authors write, which probably explains why his books don't sell as well as Kellerman or the super dumbed down James Patterson.

Immediately following the Stephen White book, my local library told me that "Night Fall" by Nelson DeMille was in. "Night Fall" is the latest book from DeMille and features the return of his beloved chauvinist pig character -- John Corey. DeMille writes his FICTIONAL stories around real life events or things that COULD be real life events. When he began his career, he wrote about spy stuff that could take place in a Cold War setting. When the Cold War eventually passed, he moved on to terrorism. His new characters are part of an anti-terrorist group. "Night Fall" looks into the possible conspiracy that was behind the real life TWA Flight 800 explosion and subsequent crash.

Currently, I went super brain dead and picked up a book that is relevant to one of my guilty pleasures... Professional Wrestling. I am reading the biography of one of my favorite wrestlers -- Adam Copeland (a.k.a. Edge). His life is interesting in the same way that most professional wrestler lives are interesting. These are men that completely dedicate their lives to succeeding in a short term business and live in the crappiest of situations to please an audience. I have read a series of these and in absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES have I ever read about a person that wants to succeed for money. It is always about entertaining.

Well... that is 4 books so far... I anticipate that my upcoming vacation and the 28 hours that I will spend on a plane - in total - will assist me with this goal.


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