Friday, March 18, 2005

Books 14 and 15

My recent trip to Vegas allowed me to read a bunch more on planes and in my spare time.

I finished two and a half books on the plane... but let's just discuss what I DID finish.

I read Blinded by Stephen White. It is the 2004 installment of the serious that I have written about numerous times on here and not his best. His latest one came out a couple of weeks ago... once I read that one, I will be all caught up on his books.

Book 15 was the original Manchurain Candidate by Richard Condon from the 1960s. As a huge fan of the ORIGINAL movie, I found the book form to be a decent read. It was a bit rough in terms of flow but still very well written.

Good reads.

Next Up (1/2 way done) -- Nick Hornby's How to Be Good


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