Friday, February 18, 2005

Books 7, 8 and 9

The trip to Hawaii wasn't as productive as I thought it was going to be in terms of reading books. This is primarilly because I watched FOUR movies on the 11 hour flight to Hawaii instead of reading.


Book 7 was Five People You Meet in Heaven. I decided to finally succumb and see what the big deal was about this book. I think the overall story was nice and an interesting way to look at heaven, but how and why is this book a major bestseller? I just don't get it. For anyone that reads regularly, it is 196 pages and extremely simplistic in its narration. You should be able to finish it in 2 hours.

Books 8 & 9 were the next two books in the Alan Gregory books by author Stephen White. As I stated in an earlier post, I have been reading his books. His books focus on a psychiatrist in Boulder, Colorado that solves crimes with the help of his D.A wife and his Boulder P.D. best friend. The books focus primarilly on his point of view and they strike intriguing chords witht he readers as they develop deeper and deeper in the psyches of some pretty messed up folks. Stephen White isn't a big name talent but he writes books with real and flawed characters and is still able to literally get me to a point where I have trouble putting the book down.

I was able to read The Program. This is a book about Witness Protection Program. Excellent read.

I was also able to read Warning Signs and this also qualifies as another top notch page turner. This book is about the justice system, terrrorism and vengeance. Halfway through the book, I literally put it on the coffee table, looked at my wife and went... "Wow... I didn't see that coming. That was pretty amazing."

I recommend his books. They are smart and entertaining. I would also recommend reading him from the beginning... you can actually see how much better he gets as he goes along. For more information on Stephen White go to here.


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