Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Book 20 - Missing Persons by Stephen White

Despite my distraction with the Two Pamela Thomas-Graham books, I received notice from the library that the copy of Missing Persons by Stephen White that I wanted to read had finally arrived.

Entitled Missing Persons, the book follows my favorite psychologist come crime fighter as he delves into the world where a little girl goes missing eight years to the day after Jon Benet Ramsey disappears a few houses down from the Ramsey home.

This Colorado native delves into the whole possible kidnapping in a fantastic and interesting journey.

It is the last book in the series so far. It is a worthwhile addition to the series but will not keep the interest of a new reader that comes along. The characters have developed so much from the beginning fo the series to get the full bang out of this book.

I still say though that Stephen White is the smartest relatively unknown mystery writer out there today.


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