Friday, May 06, 2005

Book 23 - Maximum Ride by James Patterson

The world's most prolific writer put out another book about three weeks ago. It is easy to call him that since his last book before that was released on February 14th and his latest book was released on Monday. That's three books in a 2 1/2 month span. I would call that prolific.

I will give him some credit though as I don't think he really writes these books. Almost every single one of the books is done with a co-author. Pretty smart...

This time around though, he wrote a book aimed at the "young adult" audience. He took some of his old characters 98% human and 2% bird characters and made them into more likable characters. He dumbed down his writing a bit.

The result is a book entitled Maximum Ride -- The Angel Experiment.

Even if you are a James Patterson fan... I really suggest skipping this book. It is an extremely laborious read and takes the fun out of being a kid.

Besides... there were too many dead people...for a kid's book.


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