Monday, August 01, 2005

Book 40 - A Return To Phillip Margolin

For my latest book, I returned to reading the pile of Phillip Margolin books sitting on my desk mocking me.

HA! go read a story about an autistic kid!
HA! Go read an "important" book about Afghanistan!
HA! Go read a book about a wizard boy!

I love my mystery novels...and the next Phillip Margolin's book didn't disappoint me with the intelligent yet mindless read.

This one was called After Dark and it featured the defense of a lawyer who was accused of murdering her Supreme Court Justice husband.

Take out the usual coincidences and hokey twists and I was completely satisfied. I didn't even need the last twist. I was happy with the way it ended with twenty pages still left in the book!

I am reading the next one now (The Burning Man).


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