Monday, August 15, 2005

What I Did on My Summer Vacation (Books 42-47)

Books 42 through 47

This blog is to be known as the What Did I Do on My Summer
Vacation blog. Muh wife and I went to the beach for the week. We had sunny
days and we had some rainy days. It didn't really matter what the weather
was. I read.

There were four books that I can lump all into one group of books. They
were all by Phillip Margolin. They were. The Undertaker's Widow, Wild Justice, The Associate, and The Ties That Bind. They were relatively easy reads as they were all the same style yet the plots were all unique and interesting. Of the four, Wild Justice was an interesting read as it was easily the
darkest read of the books. Margolin tapped into some really weird shit when he wrote that one and it actually made me laugh with the final words (they will be completely taken out of context here. "The head Arty. Send them the head."

Book 46 was Faithful by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan. The sub title for the book is entitled "Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season." I am an avid Yankee fan so it gave me great pains to read one of my favorite authors writing about his passion - the Boston Red Sox. This was being written before the season was underway and they just happened to get "lucky" that the Red Sox won the World Series.

Quick side story - I was on my honeymoon when the Yankees collapsed in the ACLS. Muh wife and I got on the boat when it was 3 games to none. When we got off the boat we found out what happened. That set of entries were read with great interest by me as I never followed up how the Yankees collapsed. I just had to accept it as fact when we returned.

The book is laborious to read but it was an interesting tale of insight in what it means to be a fan and to have your dreams finally come to fruition. I don't recommend this book to many, but I was still interested.

My favorite book over the trip was recommended to me by Kelly. (Thanks
Kelly) It was entitled A Man Walks Into a Room by Nicole Krauss. I have NO
IDEA why I was expecting this book to be a romance novel but it was the antithesis of it. It was about a man who loses 24 years of his life to amnesia due to a removal of a tumor. He essentially has to grow up again. His personal trip on a road of discovery is a fascinating read. It should really be read by everyone.

What I did on my summer vacation. I read.


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