Friday, September 09, 2005

Mission Accomplished -- Book 52

I started the year with the goal of finishing 52 books in one year. I have reached my goal. This goal was directly copied from SZG. I have been brief with many of my descriptions of the books but that is because they are pretty similar in nature to each other.

Reading... for the past few books has been a bit disappointing and I have not been wow'ed by anyone. My 52nd book was no exception.

Faye Kellerman is a good writer and she went off her beaten path to write a historical fiction novel entitled Straight Into Darkness. THe book drags longer than a man with a club foot lost in the desert. It makes no sense at times and drives the reader batty as Faye obviously has a politically correct agenda.

This could be my interest in history as I have a Bachelor's degree in it. I find that when folks write about history in the 90's and the 2000's they revise it to put it into the context of today. To me, that is dangerous as history is a product of its time. We can learn our lessons from it and recognize that people in the past were bad, but there is no need to revise the way we view it because societal norms have changed.

Straight into Darkness falls victim to that and it frustrated me beyond comprehension.

Book Description
In 1920s Munich, the body of Anna Gross, a young society wife, has been found in the English Gardens, still clothed in finery. Soon a second body is discovered, also a woman of high society. When a third body is found, homicide detective Axel Berg realizes he’s dealing with unprecedented evil. Is the murderer politically motivated? Is he a lone madman? Or worse, is the killer possessed by both political and personal demons? Detective Berg soon finds himself entangled in a web of dangerous intrigue, surrounded by potential enemies. As Munich slips further into turmoil, overrun by political factions and the rise of Hitler, a dedicated policeman can never know who to trust--and one simple mistake could be deadly.


Blogger szg said...

Challenge yourself.

Maybe you need to spend more time looking for better books?

Try a good book store (see me Joseph Fox Books shout out from earlier this summer).

I spend almost as much time looking for books as I do reading -- which explains why I am only up to 18.

4:19 PM  
Blogger steakbellie said...

holy chitlins
did you really read that many f'ing books?!?!
I'm stunned.....

3:19 PM  

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