Thursday, May 12, 2005

Book 24 - Two Dollar Bill by Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods is another one of those prolific mystery writers out there.

He doesn't write nearly as many books as James Patterson, but he still manages to put out at least two a year.

His most popular character is a fella named Stone Barrington who always seems to get laid and solve crime while fighting people who want to kill him and the CIA. They are pretty simple reads but I enjoy them nonetheless.

His latest book Two Dollar Bill qualifies as one of those books that is a simple read and a good read.

Stone gets the girl(s) and is still somehow able to save the world from a southern bad ass prick. Good job Stone.

I also used to do some political campaigns for a living. His novels featuring another one of his characters named Will Lee are neat and insightful into the ways campaigns are run and still manage to weave a mystery whodunit into the plot.

Check out for more information. I recommend Grass Roots and The Run.


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